Il bagno è il luogo più intimo della casa, lo spazio destinato al proprio benessere, e come tale il suo arredamento deve rispecchiare la personalità e lo stile di chi lo abita. Gruppo Arkell propone soluzioni originali e inconfondibili, soluzioni per un ambiente arredato in maniera confortevole e unico nelle forme e nel design.


Sustainability and functionality should not necessarily stand in the way of beauty. Washbasins and hi-tech, multi-use bathroom fixtures also become designer and decorative objects.


The bathroom has radically changed its appearance. In the past it was simply a place of personal hygiene, but today it has become a place that is dedicated to general wellbeing, mainly due to technological development.


Taps represent the perfect union between elegance and endurance: advanced systems give us the possibility to control the amount of water used and so allow us to “save” water.


A sense of wellbeing doesn’t need large spaces. Even for smaller spaces, there exist solutions that allow the installation of a hydro-massage bath or a box-shower, which can include all fixtures so as to transform the classic “shower” into a new and pleasurable experience that has nothing to do with its original function.


The frenetic rhythm and continued stress of everyday life bring with them the need to relax. In this way, a person’s sense of wellbeing assumes more and more importance. The desire to escape from the above takes first place in our daily needs, and so each one of us would like an area in which we can relax in our own homes….an area in which it is possible to forget all aspects of discontent in order to dedicate ourselves totally to ourselves.


The furniture and control panels which are proposed by Gruppo Arkell are made from fine materials, innovative technology and accurate manufacturing. Their design allows for the best solution for each client and for every environment.


In order to combine central heating with design, the radiator inside the house has to be looked at. It must be elevated from its original role of simply giving out heat, to being a point of reference for furniture and life style while combining a sense of aesthetic and functional efficiency.


Amongst the large selection of mirrors that are available for the bathroom, one can find ones with incorporated lights, larger ones to allow for the application of beauty treatments, wooden or metal ones. They can be seen as a adding a particular touch of elegance which makes the bathroom more beautiful and more pleasing to look at.


Gruppo Arkell suggests unique and original solutions for your accessories; solutions for an environment that is furnished comfortably and well in its shape and in its design. Gruppo Arkell has a range of exclusive accessories for the bathroom that enrich a bathroom with style.

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