At Gruppo Arkell you will be able to find a vast range of innovative products, from ceiling windows in reinforced concrete glass to adhesive frames. In addition, expert advice is always available, either alone or together with our project manager, including at one’s own business. This advice is given to allow you to evaluate and to choose the best option available.


The door gives one the opportunity to pass from one environment to another. It is also the object through which one shows one’s furniture to others, giving advance notice of the house, it’s atmosphere and it’s style. Gruppo Arkell is capable of respecting this and of proposing solutions which guarantee functionality and security without neglecting design and elegance.


Quality, design and the taking care of detail are only some of the characteristics that Gruppo Arkell puts at your disposal in order to allow you to assess the type of stair that you wish to obtain. Those commercially available are the spiral staircase, the classic staircase and folding stairs.

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